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Good, that seems to have got the tyrannical first line out of the way. Moving on… I have had the privilege of being consumed by music. My tinnitus seems to suggest I listen to more music than my body can take. I have travelled around the world for it. I have slept in bus stations and walked through strange foreign towns at midnight for it. I wake up with a song in my head every morning and cannot sleep without listening to music for at least an hour, usually more.

Over the last few years, I have been to numerous concerts, listened to hundreds of albums and spent thousands of hours planning trips to numerous concerts and in which order to listen to the hundreds of albums . The Full Gamut is a place where I can share all of this (edited in the interest of time and, well, interest) with you, dear reader. This includes all my previously published writing on music in their original unedited form.

I have always been suspicious of people who say that they love all kinds of music equally. I do not love all kinds of music equally. I may keep adding to the reservoir of ‘my music’ but in my mind there is still ‘my music’ and ‘other music’. The Full Gamut is about ‘my music.’ My music is progressive rock and its offshoots. Fortunately for me, progressive rock has an enormous span. Genesis sounds very little like Meshuggah, but they both fall under ‘my music’. I may be self indulgent about what I write, but that is an occupational hazard when dealing with prog rock. There is an air of superiority associated with prog that I would like to dispel. Frank Zappa and Daniel Gildenlow have both written excellent disco songs. Neal Morse writes incredible Christian music. Steven Wilson writes a mean pop song. They are all part of ‘my music’ too.

There is no more cathartic an experience for me than standing in the front row watching a band which I worship, of which there are many (polytheism is quite an Indian trait). Very often what stays with me is something that I did not even consciously notice during the concert. A typical concert review is written while the memory is still at most a few hours old. To quote Roine Stolt, “There is more to this world than we see with our eyes”.  So in addition to reviews of any concerts that I may go to in the future, The Full Gamut will include retrospectives of concerts that I attended in the not-so-recent past.

The pieces fall into the (sometimes overlapping) categories of Concert Reviews (under the heading ‘At the end of the day’), Concert Retrospectives (‘Days Gone By’), Previously Published Articles (‘Scenes from a Memory’) and a weekly column (‘Freedom of Speech’)

So there it is. A place where I can discuss everything from the esoteric to the even more esoteric. I hope you enjoy it. And there’s that pesky final line out of the way.

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  1. *clap clap*
    I look forward to this.

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